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Triple X Fraternity

The Triple X Fraternity organization has a long history as a non-political, non-religious, Fraternity of Armenian Brothers. Formed in 1918 by a group of young Armenian students at Fresno High School, who were tired of being restricted from various school clubs including the Senate, they called themselves the Triple X (Roman numeral 30 “XXX”). Bringing together Trexmen, along with families and friends, for public service, charitable works, fellowship, and fun. In 1928 the Los Angeles and Golden Gate (San Francisco) Chapters were founded, creating the need for the Grand Chapter.

Orange County Chapter

Our Orange County Chapter was founded August 31, 1975, in Newport Beach, by seven Los Angeles Chapter Brothers, all of whom held office the first year. Starting with thirty-six members we have grown to over eighty members dedicated to fraternalism, brotherhood, and service. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month, at the Elks Lodge #794 in Santa Ana, any visiting brothers from other chapters are welcome, and share our history.


Master and Director – Z. Harry Astor
Junior Master and Director – Kurken Kazarian
Corresponding Secretary – Haig Jamgotchian
Sergeant at Arms – Ron Krajian
Recording Secretary – Dickran Boranian
Treasurer – George Thomas
Directors – Bob Kazarian, Ed Garakian, and Gary Malazian

Our Past Grand Masters (PGM)
Z. Harry Astor
Haig Jamgotchian
Bob Juskalian
Archie Cholakian
Harold Bazarian

Arnold Abajian, N. Arthur Astor, Peter V. Bodourian, Eugene A. Boston, Mike Chitjian, Ozzie Chitjian, Peter Cholakian, Leo Depoian, John R. Garakian, John Gulugian, Kenneth Hekimian, John Kazarian, Ken Kazarian, Norman Kazarian, Steve K. Kazarian, Harold Krajian, Bill Makrdichian, Jack Minasian, Ronald Papazian, Charles K. Paskerian Jr., George Proodian, George Proodian, Patrick Ruzgerian, Malcohn M. Telloian Jr., Steve Topalian, Ronald Tosoonian, William S. Yegsigian


Orange County Chapter Officers
Brother Al Adams – Master
Brother Nairi Bagdagulyan – Jr. Master
Brother Harold Bazarian – Treasurer
Brother Stepan Artun – Recording Secretary
Brother Robert Petrossian – Corresponding Secretary
Brother Terry Hanoian – Sargent of Arms

Board of Directors
Brother Al Adams – Current Master
Brother Stephan Artun – Current Recording Secretary
Brother Brent Melkesian – Most Recent Past Master
Brother Ralph Dergazarian (through 9/2024)
Brother John Gulugian        (through 9/2024)
Brother Robert Oganesian  (through 9/2024)
Brother Jon Agajanian         (through 9/2025)
Brother Don Kazarian          (through 9/2025)

Frequent Questions

Triple X Fraternity History

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Orange County Triple X Affiliations & Charities


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