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Triple X Fraternity Orange County Chapter

Triple X Fraternity

The Triple X Fraternity was founded on May 18, 1918, by a group of young Armenian students at Fresno High School, tired of being restricted from various school clubs including the Senate, simply because they were Armenians. They decided to organize their own fraternity of brothers, first meeting at Roeding Park in Fresno, and called themselves the Triple X (Roman numerals for 30 “XXX”). In 1928 both the Los Angeles and Golden Gate (San Francisco) chapters were founded, along with the Grand Chapter.

Orange County Chapter

Our Orange County Chapter was founded on August 31, 1975, in Newport Beach, by seven Los Angeles Chapter Brothers, all of whom held office the first year, starting with thirty-six members dedicated to fraternalism, brotherhood, and service. Our purpose and objective have been to promote charity, benevolence, and Armenian social culture around the Orange County community.

Fresno High School

Founding Brothers

Dance Parties

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Fresno High School

Founding Fathers



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