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Orange County – Affiliations & Charities –

  Armenian American Sports Hall of Fame – AASHOF was established by the Triple X Fraternity, inception in 1980.
  Orange County Armenian Professional Society – OCAPS is a social networking organization for Armenian professionals in OC.

  Ararat Home  – In LA provides assisted living and nursing care facilities, to promote Armenian heritage and culture.
  UCI Center for Armenian Studies – Based in the School of Humanities, reflecting the nature of Armenian history.
  Children’s Hospital of OC    – CHOC is pediatric healthcare and research committed to children’s health, a UCI affiliate.
  Orange County Rescue Mission    – Providing assistance and independent living to the homeless and in need of help.
 Orangewood Home   – Providing for abused children, foster and community youth services.

  Armenian Wounded Heroes – AWHF opens the doors of Armenian Warriors Rehab Center to our disabled veterans in need.
Armenian Immigration Project – From late 1800s to the 1930s, 50,000 Armenians immigrated to North America (Armenian Weekly).
Armenian Eye Care Institute    – EyeCare Project expands ophthalmology and meets the eye care needs of the people in Armenia.

  Kef Time Band    – The next generation of traditional Armenian musicians, the Kef Time Legacy Band.

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